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…just a thought


The last stranger was seen and looked into their eyes and yet, you still missed a whole live’s experience.

That person may have come from the same background as you but not likely. The experience can be very different no matter how similar the lifestyle.

Perception is not everything…, and not always very truthful. What you may see in someone, may not be who they are at all.
Notice how some people say, that one person is a hardass, and a few say that’s not true at all. Perception can be, the ones that say “it isn’t true”, may just very well be lying or not seeing it. Same goes for the opposite…, or so the little girl in the picture will have to learn one day.

Her days are filled with exciting learning experiences, she even learns about her social abilities but she has years to redefine her perception of her own self-worth. She will find herself, and herself again but once she does, she’ll be unstoppable. Capable of understanding the simplest things that most of us never notice, “understanding”. With a life beginning with saying listen to me it’ll become “I understand”. Simply understanding, whether or not you agree, just understand.

Even if it wasn’t the life she lived, at least she’ll understand when you speak to her and she’ll listen. She’ll listen intently.









If I was a Turtle

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