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Media Photoshops Crowd Image For Hillary Clinton St. Petersburg, Florida Speech…

If I was Trump, I’d follower her to a rally, video it and wait until she does this again. then I’d be on the news with video of myself at … Continue reading

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Strong Will If I was a TurtlePromote Your Page Too

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…just a thought

The last stranger was seen and looked into their eyes and yet, you still missed a whole live’s experience. That person may have come from the same background as you … Continue reading

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on Sale now

If I was a Turtle, Simply Poetry and a Journal w/ The Never Ending Spy theme ready for you to fill your own stories or use it to keep up … Continue reading

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You Never Wrote Back

They feel too…

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Does the wondering eye cross the sky only to land at my side? Or does my belief bring some relief that I believe that everything will be all right? But … Continue reading

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Strong Willed Child – must read

If being a good parent means learning, I’ll learn everyday

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If I was a Giraffe

If I was a giraffe I would have orange and brown spots, and live where it is very hot. My neck would be very long and lean, just as my … Continue reading

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Toddler watching military dad on video pulls heartstrings

Digital Life – Toddler watching military dad on video pulls heartstrings.

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